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Dear Jeff:What a wonderful gift! I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the absolutelygreat OpLove picture album I recently received. It gave me such a morale boost to see my family in recent, candid and professional photographs. The pictures are world classand definitely helped to reduce the miles between my family and I during this deployment, especially over the Holidays. Thank you all for supporting the Troops!-- LTC Paul F. APO Iraq

I love the new site. It's very easy to navigate. It was really neat seeing the photos from some of the families in my unit under your "military" link. I loved the "testimonials" also. It's great hearing what real people have to say. -- Valerie B.US Army, Iraq

Thanks Jeff! The pictures are beautiful. I shared them with my family and all the girls at work. We love them!-- Jaicee M.

Jeff:Thank you for the great pictures! They make good Christmas presents!-- Monika W.

Jeff,You are simply the best!!! I love it! Thank you so much! You do such great work and I love every single picture you take of me and my ponies (except maybe the ones where I am tanking the barrel...but those aren't your fault). -- Morgan S.

Attached you will find the final version of our newsletter with your picture included. The perfect photo is on page 2 at the top-left corner.I am pretty peticular about the photos I choose for our newsletter and yours was very well done and was just what we needed to represent this story.Thanks so much for your photo and your cooperation.Sincerely,Bruce H.

Jeff: Thanks for getting the photos posted so quickly. I forwarded the link to Sean's parents and they absolutely love them (as do I). I haven't had a chance yet to pick my favorites - there are so many to chose from. I know that Sean will be so surprised and happy to get them.-- Carey G.

Hi Jeff, How are you doing? Life for me has been incredibly busy, but good. Mitch is almost finished with his 15 month deployment. We expect him home at the end of july/beginning of August. Thank you again for taking our wedding photos. They turned out beautiful! Mitch and I were so busy with moving before he deployed that we didn't get a chance to sit down and purchase our wedding pics. He was here for 4 months before he deployed and they even sent him early. Since he left, I have sat down many times and went through them and it is my goal to do a wedding picture album, but I keep having trouble going through the pictures since Mitch is gone. I decided to wait on purchasing pictures until he comes home and we can do it together. I just wanted to make sure that they would still be available when he comes home, I would hate to lose the chance to buy my wedding photos. Will this be a problem? We just wanted to do it together. I hope everything is going well for you. I did get a chance to look at the pictures you took at the military march. It's great to know that people are so supportive of military because it's a tough life! Mitch is in Baghdad flying air assault missions. This just means he drops off soldiers to go get terrorists. Sounds exciting huh? It is only a portion of what he actually does. Thankfully things are getting somewhat better there and they don't need as many air assaults. He gets tons of flight hours in Iraq, flying makes him happy, which helps this tough separation. He will be home soon though! Please tell your wife hi from me! God bless,-- Sammy F.


Jeff, Thank you very much for your speed!! I am giving my mom pictures of all the generations barrel racing for Christmas. I am so glad that your website had some pictures from last year. I ordered two pictures of my black horse from the Summer of 2007, which mean more to me then you will ever know. I had to put her down unexpectedly and they are the only pictures I will have of her. Happy holidays to you and your family. Thank you, -- Shannon P.

Oh Jeff, they are absolutely beautiful!! I could not have asked for more wonderful pictures! You truly captured the essence of our family and they will be pictures to cherish forever. Thank you again and again for your time and energy! I look forward to seeing the albums! I look forward to having you take maternity pictures for me this spring, I know they will be beautiful! -- Tami D.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU....Words can not explain how greatful we are for you being there to do the photos. If you need anything from us please let us know we are crazy with my finals and our move, but all will slow down soon! My cell is about the only working number right now so please feel free to call if you need anything. We will gladly drive to your shop when the photos are ready and you can explain all that stuff to us. Thanks again; things were crazy that day and I lost you when I went to move the car around. So I wanted to send you a thank you!! I should have Internet at the new house tuesday! Thanks for everything!-- Jenn G.

OHHH MY GOSH!!!! They are soooo beautiful!! I wish I could buy every single on of them! -- Tracey S.

Okay Jeff....I'm a little upset about the pictures. There are too many good ones! They are great! Thank you so much. Now the hard part starts...trying to picksome favorites. Also, the grandparents would like to purchase some photos. Can they just contact you direct or should I order them for them? Thanks again. It was great to meet you and do the photos. --Susan G.(Jeff's note: When I first read this one, it startled me!)

Jeff,I received the pictures today! They look great! I really appreciate all you've done for us. It's a blessing to have some beautiful, recent photos of my family. They will definitely be a source of encouragement during this deployment. Thanks again.Scott K.(emailed from Iraq)

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to thank you again for your support and the beautiful pictures. Luke recieved the album on Christmas Day and he was so overjoyed and could hear it in his voice...I just wish I was there to see it on his face. Anyway, he loved the album and I just wanted you to know. Best regards,Ashley R.